Toenail Treatment

We can heal your thickened or ingrown toenails

Thickened Toenails

Thickened toenails can be painful when wearing closed in shoes; we can reduce this easily with a diamond burr and a specially designed drill with a dust extractor making this a pain free treatment.

Simple toenail cutting is available for those who are unable to attend to their feet due to spinal, hip or eyesight difficulties.

Fungal toenails can also be thickened and unsightly. In order to successfully treat fungal toenails with topical medication from the GP or pharmacy, they need to be reduced to remove the entire infected nail prior to application of recommended topical treatment. This is also painless and advice is given for the best treatment plan for you.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are commonly caused by incorrect nail cutting. A spike of toenail is left down the side of the nail and as the nail grows, the spike of nail left tries to grow through the flesh, causing pain and possibly infection. There are 2 treatments available depending on the severity of the problem, infection and pain you are in. They are:

  1. Conservative removal with spike of nail without Local Anaesthetic for the less painful ingrown toenail.
  2. Minor surgery using Local Anaesthetic, permanently removing a wedge of the affected toenail.

Services Price List

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Service Description Price (incl GST)
Initial Podiatry Appointment Toenail treatment and/or corn & callus removal $80.00
Follow-Up Routine Podiatry Toenail treatment and/or corn & callus removal $76.00
Gold Card Routine Podiatry Simple toenail treatment $70.00*
Cracked Heels Including foot soak $150.00**
Biomechanical Assessment Gait Analysis with a view to orthotics or insoles $85.00
Orthotics / Insoles After an initial Biomechanical Assessment $85.00 - $150.00
ACC Surcharge Podiatry Approved claims surcharge for each appointment. $48.00
Children & Youth (Up to 18 Years) Toenail Treatment $65.00
Diabetes Management Referral voucher required POA
Minor Surgery Service required to be booked by reception or our registered Podiatrist $360.00+
Dressings   $48.00

Note: Additional charges may apply for products and/or materials. Fees are subject to change.
We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard.
* If return visit within 4 months of previous treatment.

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Patient Testimonials

I first heard of Complete Feet Podiatry when I experienced an ingrown toenail, and I now go every two months for feet/nail maintenance. Fiona is always friendly and her practice is spotless. If you have foot problems, I certainly recommend this is the place to go.

Jenny W.

Ingrown Toenail treatment

I've experienced rubbing corns on my feet for several months, which I started dreading putting my shoes on each day! I finally did something about it ... thanks to Complete Feet Podiatry.

Susan W.

Corn Treatment

I've lived with flat feet all my life and never realised that there was a fairly easy solution. I have finally found comfortable footwear that accommodate my orthotics! Thank you Fiona.

Michelle J.

Flat Feet Treatment