"Are painful feet destroying your happiness? Call me to get your feet active and in great condition."

Fiona Stark

Registered Podiatrist & Clinician for Complete Feet Podiatry Ltd

"Embarrassed about your unsightly feet? Come and see me to get your feet restored to their full glory!"

Fiona Stark

Registered Podiatrist & Clinician for Complete Feet Podiatry Ltd

"Like to get your feet on the road to healthy and happy again? Book an appointment with me..."

Fiona Stark

Registered Podiatrist & Clinician for Complete Feet Podiatry Ltd

Fiona Stark
Fiona Stark. Dip Pod, S.R Pod, Pod. NZ

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A podiatrist is a medical clinician devoted to the study and treatment of foot disorders. Podiatrists diagnosis and provide treatment relating to the health and function of a person's foot, ankle and lower leg.

Today, it is recommended that we take a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and for our general well being. Normal foot function can sometimes be put to the test, especially if your footwear does not fit properly. If your footwear is not fitting correctly, or doesn't support your feet adequately, pain or injury can occur with your daily activities. Some of the problems that show up are simple blisters, calluses and corns as well as ingrown toenails, joint pain, arch pain and even knee or lower back pain.

Many other factors can result in painful foot condition; these can arise from biomechanical factors in the gait cycle, infection and systemic disease. An assessment of your gait cycle and foot function by your podiatrist will determine whether you will benefit from the use of orthotics. Orthotics are insoles designed to help correct your foot function as well as providing support.

Other foot complaints include fungal infections of the skin and toenails, pain under the ball of your feet, heel pain eg. plantar fasciitis and diabetic foot complications.

Sporty adolescents endure a lot of impact on growing bones, joints and tendons sometimes resulting in injury and pain. The use of orthotics can minimise these injuries in conjunction with strengthening exercises. Footwear once again plays a major role in injury prevention not just with children but with adults as well.

Fiona Stark is a State Registered Podiatrist who has practised podiatry in the private sector for 30 years and is a member of Podiatry New Zealand, registered ACC provider and contracted to Procare for Diabetes foot screening and assessments with a referral from your Doctor or Diabetic nurse.

Complete Feet Podiatry offers Gold Card specials at reduced fees for simple toenail treatments.

Why choose Complete Feet Podiatry?


We offer a complete Podiatry service, providing treatments relating to the health and function of a person's foot, ankle and lower leg.


Our head clinician, Fiona Stark, has over 30 years experience in the podiatry field and has a passion for providing her patients with the best service possible.


The first step towards pain-free, healthy and happy feet is to schedule an appointment, so we've made it easy for you to book an appointment online now.

Professional Podiatry Services at Affordable Prices

No matter what your age or lifestyle, healthy & happy feet are an important part of your overall good health.
Complete Feet Podiatry specialises in prevention and remedy of the following common foot issues.

Toenail Treatment

Thickened toenails can be painful when wearing closed in shoes; we can reduce this easily with a diamond burr and a specially designed drill with a dust extractor making this a pain free treatment...

Corn & Callus Treatment

Corns can be found on the top of your toes as they develop from direct pressure from footwear because the ill-fitting shoe rubs on the prominent toe joint, shearing forces cause an injury to the localised area...

Cracked Heals & Dry Skin

Cracked heels are a result of callus build up around the heels, this occurs typically in the summer months when everyone wears jandals and open back shoes. Treatment of this condition...

Orthotics & Insoles

The use of Pre-fabricated or Casted orthotics is to assist with foot pain. After a Biomechanical-Gait analysis of your foot function, orthotics may be issued to control your foot function. Conditions that orthotics...

Children (Up to 18 Years)

Development of strong healthy feet is important in a child and teenager, so early detection of a foot problem is easily picked up during a gait analysis. If you are worried how your child is walking or they...

Diabetes & Arthritis Management

Diabetic patients are at a higher risk of foot complications. This is due loss of protective sensation that can develop in the diabetic patient. When a Diabetic's blood sugars are...

We can help you!

With our wide range of professional podiatry services, we can help heal your unhealthy, painful, or unsightly feet.

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Patient Testimonials

I first heard of Complete Feet Podiatry when I experienced an ingrown toenail, and I now go every two months for feet/nail maintenance. Fiona is always friendly and her practice is spotless. If you have foot problems, I certainly recommend this is the place to go.

Jenny W.

Ingrown Toenail treatment

I've experienced rubbing corns on my feet for several months, which I started dreading putting my shoes on each day! I finally did something about it ... thanks to Complete Feet Podiatry.

Susan W.

Corn Treatment

I've lived with flat feet all my life and never realised that there was a fairly easy solution. I have finally found comfortable footwear that accommodate my orthotics! Thank you Fiona.

Michelle J.

Flat Feet Treatment

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